Aimix 40m3 Concrete Mixer Pump Exported to Thailand

Aimix exported a 40m3/h concrete mixer pump to Thailand last week. This set of mixer pump has one hopper on the top side of the machine. All you need is to load cement and other aggregate materials into the hopper. And then all the materials will be dropped into the mixing drum to be stirred. … Read more

Aimix 2.6m3 Portable Concrete Mixer Exported to Thailand

Aimix exported one set of 2.6m3 portable concrete mixer to Thailand. The photo shows that the mixer machine is packing into the container and ready transporting to Thailand. As the photo shows, the mixing tank is dismantled because the space in container is limited. And the whole mixer unit will be reinstalled when it is … Read more

Aimix 60m3/h Mobile Concrete Plant Exported to Thailand

Aimix exported one set of 60m3/h mobile concrete plant to Thailand. This kind of concrete plant is a portable unit. The concrete mixer and batching machine are installed on the main frame at the same time. And the main frame can be moved by a truck. Therefore, when the project is completed, you can drag … Read more

Aimix 35m3 Concrete Mix Plant Exported to Thailand

Aimix exported one set of AJ-35 concrete mixing plant to Thailand. This set of plant can yeild around 35m3 concrete mixture every hour. And it has one cement silo to store cement. After the aggregate materials are weighed by the batching machine, they are conveyed to the mixer by one hopper. In Aimix Group, there … Read more

Aimix Concrete Mixer Pumps in Stock for Thailand Construction Market

Aimix has manufactured many concrete mixer pumps in the factory. All these finished mixer pumps products are prepared for the Thailand construction market. Because there are many orders for pumps from Thailand for the past years. Since more and more customers from Thailand have chosen Aimix to buy one concrete pumps. Aimix has to produce … Read more

Best After-Sale Service from Aimix Group in Thailand

If you take a look at the picture of Aimix after-sale service team, you will find that Aimix has made a real work on how to supply the best service for our customers in Thailand. Aimix has built a great team to supply installment and maintaining service for any of our client. Once our customers … Read more

Aimix 30m3/h Diesel Concrete Pump Exported to Thailand

Aimix exported a 30 m3/h diesel concrete pump to Thailand. Aimix diesel concrete pump has low price and high quality. Therefore, Aimix pumps are very popular in Thailand market. All the people like cost-effective machines. What is more, Aimix Group has full-round after-sale service in Thailand. Once you buy our diesel concrete pump, Aimix will … Read more

How to Find the Best Concrete Mixer Pump in Thailand?

Aimix concrete mixer pumps are famous in the whole world, especially for Thailand. Aimix has established a long-term relationship with local market in Thailand. For the last 10 years, Aimix has exported countless concrete mixer pumps, concrete brick machines, concrete plants, asphalt plants and dry mortar plants. Therefore, if you want to buy one mixer … Read more

Aimix 50m3 Concrete Batching Plant Exported to Thailand

Aimix exported one set of 50m3 concrete batching plant to Thailand. This set of concrete plant can produce about 50 m3 concrete mixture in one hour. And it conveys the aggregate materials by means of a skip hopper. In fact, there are two kinds of conveying models in Aimis Group. One is skip hopper, and … Read more

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