Concrete Pump for Sale in Thailand

Aimix manufactures two types of concrete pump for sale to Thailand market. And these two concrete pumps can be divided into concrete mixer pump and concrete trailer pump. Both of these two concrete pumps are equipped with drag hooks and can be dragged by a car or pulled behind a truck. At the same time, the chassis is mounted with two wheels, which is convenient to move. The biggest difference between them is that concrete mixer pumps have mixer drum and possess mixing and transferring functions in the meantime, but concrete trailer pumps can only transfer the ready mix concrete and have no mixing drum.

Concrete pump for sale

Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale in Thailand

As one of the hottest selling products, Aimix concrete mixer pump for sale in Thailand has been exported to Thailand ...
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Diesel concrete pump from Aimix

Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale in Thailand

As one of the leading concrete pump manufacturers, Aimix Machinery Group not only produces electric concrete pump but also supplies ...
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Portable concrete mixer for sale in Thailand

Portable Cement Mixer for Sale in Thailand

Portable cement mixer is a kind of combination unit that is able to self-load cement, sand, addictives and other aggregate ...
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