Crusher Machine for Sale in Thailand

Crusher machine refers to a rock or stone crusher equipment to smash the stone materials to achieve the suitable grain size. Crusher can also be regarded as a sand making equipment. It can be divided into stationary crusher machine or mobile crush machine.

Why Do You Need A Crusher Machine in Thailand?

The reason why you need a crusher machine is that you need this machine to make crushed stone. As we all know, building construction industry needs lots of crushed stone or stock to produce concrete mixture. The raw materials for concrete are sand, gravel or other crushed substance. Therefore, it is needed to use a crusher machine to smash the big-sized stone into broken stone with usable granularity. For example, the granularity of gavel supplied for the concrete batching plant is needed to be below 60mm. Hence, we need to use crusher equipment to smash the stone materials so that they can achieve the right granularity for the sake of being adapted to make concrete mixture.

Professional Crusher Machines Manufacturer in Thailand-Aimix Group

Aimix Group is a professional crusher machines manufacturer and supplier for Thailand market. Aimix supplies qualified crushing products, professional technique, sincere pre-sale and after-sale service for all of our customers. We dedicate to designing customized products and providing expert solutions. We produce 14 kinds of durable stone crusher machines for industry construction market, and our category practically covers all the kinds of stone crushers in the sand making industry. Besides, Aimix possesses advanced technical supports to make more crusher machines to serve for longer life time. And they are HJC High-efficiency Jaw Crusher, PEW Reinforced Jaw Crusher, PE Jaw Crusher, PFS Impact Crusher, PFT Reinforced Impact Crusher, PF Impact Crusher, PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher, PXJ High-efficiency Fine Crusher, PC Hammer Crusher, Double Roller Crusher, Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Multi-cylinder Cone Crusher, WKS Series High-efficiency Cone Crusher and PY Series Cone Crusher.

Parameters of HJC High-efficiency Jaw Crusher Machine in Thailand:

crusher machine
HJC-65 High-efficiency Jaw Crusher for Sale


Model: HJC-65 High-efficiency Jaw Crusher

Size of Feed Opening: 450×650 mm

Max Feeding Size: 380 mm

Capacity: 35-120 t/h

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Model Size of Feed Opening(mm) Max Feeding Size(mm) Adjustable Size of Discahrge Opening(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
HJC65 450×650 380 40-100 35-120 45
HJC80 550×800 460 70-150 100-220 55
HJC95 650×950 550 80-160 150-280 75
HJC110 800×1100 680 120-200 250-500 110
HJC120 950×1200 820 140-220 350-650 160
HJC130 1100×1300 950 160-280 400-800 185
HJC145 1100×1450 950 160-280 420-900 200
HJC150 1300×1500 1100 180-300 550-950 220
HJC180 1500×1800 1300 200-320 800-1200 335


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