Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale in Thailand

As the social develops, asphalt mixing plant for sale in Thailand is popular in local market, and that is because more and more construction projects of expressways, classified highways, low-grade highways, municipal roads, rural roads, airports and harbor construction are in urgent need.

Aimix asphalt plant
ALQ100 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale in Thailand

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Therefore, we need asphalt plant to produce asphalt concrete for the sake of highway bridge and expressway construction. According to the urban development and municipal planning, the local government will raise large sums for highway construction in Thailand. In this way, it is a wise choice to buy a set of asphalt mixing plant in Thailand.

Asphalt mixing equipment
ALQ40 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Model: ALQ40
Capacity: 40t/h
Vibrating screen: 4
Rated mixing capacity: 600kg
Fuel Type: oil,coal, gas

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After you buying one unit of asphalt plant, you can produce asphalt concrete and sell them for local construction projects and become one of the biggest asphalt suppliers in Thailand. The more highways building projects Thailand needs, the more asphalt concrete the market needs.

best asphalt plant
ALQ60 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Model: ALQ60
Capacity: 60t/h
Vibrating screen: 4
Rated mixing capacity: 900kg
Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

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In other word, you will get higher rate of return on investment. Aimix Group is one of the leading asphalt mixing plant manufacturers in China and has rich experience in designing asphalt batching plants. Aimix mainly produces mobile asphalt mixer plant, hot mix asphalt plant, like mobile 40tph asphalt plants and equipment in Thailand and 120t/h asphalt mixing plant for sale in Thailand.

The production capacity of Aimix asphalt mixing machine varies from 40t/h to 240t/h. We can guarantee each of our clients find the most suitable size asphalt mixing equipment with any sizes and capacities as you need.

Asphalt batching plant
ALQ80 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Model: ALQ80
Capacity: 80t/h
Vibrating screen: 4
Rated mixing capacity: 1200kg
Fuel Type: oil,coal, gas

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What is Asphalt Plant Thailand?

Asphalt mixing plants refer to a set of machine that mixes and produces asphalt concrete. During the production of asphalt concrete, there are four kinds of aggregate varieties used for mixing process.

They are gravel, rubble, sand and slag. Among them, the most common use is rubble. Aimix will design as many hoppers as you want to bear those aggregates.

According to the production capacity, we usually divide asphalt plants into three types, small asphalt mixing plant, medium-sized asphalt mix plant and large asphalt plant.

The productivity of small asphalt plants is almost under 40t/h. Mobile asphalt mixing plants always are equipped small productivity to keep portability.

Medium-sized asphalt plants possesses 40~400t/h production capacity. The large size asphalt mixing plant for sale has above 400t/h production rate.

Middle sized and large sized asphalt batch mix plants are appropriate for large-scale investment and usually set up for stationary factory to continuously supply ready mixed asphalt concrete for sale.

Asphalt mix plant
ALQ100 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Model: ALQ100
Capacity: 100t/h
Vibrating screen: 4
Rated mixing capacity: 1500kg
Fuel Type: oil,coal, gas

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Asphalt mixer machine
ALQ120 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Model: ALQ120
Capacity: 120t/h
Vibrating screen: 4
Rated mixing capacity: 1700kg
Fuel Type: oil,coal, gas

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Best asphalt plant in Aimix
ALQ160 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Model: ALQ160
Capacity: 160t/h
Vibrating screen: 5
Rated mixing capacity: 2300kg
Fuel Type: oil,coal, gas

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The Composition of Asphalt Batching Plant for Sale in Thailand:

Thailand asphalt mixing plant mainly includes 12 systems, and they are batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot aggregate hoisting system, vibrating screen, hot aggregate storage bin, weighing and mixing system, asphalt supply system, powder feeding system, dust pelletizing system, finished product bin and central control system.

Different building projects need different forms and hardness of asphalt. Sometimes, the hardness of asphalt concrete varies according to diverse aggregate kinds and particle sizes. Aimix can provide you elusive design for aggregate bins and screening systems to ensure your asphalt plant to produce the form of finished asphalt concrete just the way you need. The specific compositions of the best asphalt mixing plant are:

1. Aggregate batching machine
2. Vibrating screen
3. Belt conveyor
4. Powder material feeder
5. Asphalt drum mixers
6. Pulverized coal burner
7. Dust-collecting fan
8. Hoister
9. Ready mixed asphalt concrete bins
10. Liquid asphalt supplying system
11. Power control room

Aggregate Batcher

Control System

Drum Mixer

Engineers Team

Main Parameters:



ALQ40 ALQ60 ALQ80 ALQ100 ALQ120 ALQ160 ALQ200 ALQ240 ALQ320


40 60 80 100 120 160 200 240 320


600kg 800kgh 1200kg 1300kg 1700kg 2300kg 2800kg 3300kg 4500kg
Mixing cycle 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s
Dry capacity 50T/h 80T/h 100T/h 120T/h 150T/h 200T/h 260T/h 300T/h 400T/h


Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal


Dust filter Gravity dust filter+ Cyclone dust filter + Bag dust filter/ Water dust filter
Bag dust

Filter area(m3)


260 380 420 420 520 620 820 1050 1224
Fan motor (KW) 37 45 55 55 75 110 132 150 185
Vibrating layer


4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6
Asphalt tank(m3)


Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
Asphalt heating system Heat conducting oil furnace or Direct heat asphalt tank

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What Kind of Asphalt Mixing Equipment Does Aimix Have in Thailand?

Due to differences in transport patterns, asphalt mixer machine can be divided into three types, portable asphalt mixing plants, semi-movable asphalt plants, stationary asphalt batch plants. Mobile asphalt plant has portable stock bin and agitating pan equipped with tyres, and it is suitable for rural county road and low-grade highway construction because of its removability.

With regard to semi-movable hot mix plant, we usually put its machine parts on the trailer trucks and assemble them on the construction site. It is fitter for highways construction. Towards the stationary asphalt drum mix plant, it is also called asphalt processing plant and set up on permanent operation location. And it is appropriate for centralized urban road construction.

Due to differences in mixing types, asphalt mixing plants for sale in Thailand can be separated into two types, and they are continuous drum mixer plant and forced intermittent mixer plant.

Continuous asphalt drum mix plant continually mix the material without stops, and the processes of heating and drying and mixing aggregates materials are proceeded in one same drum mixer. For forced intermittent asphalt plant, the heating and drying aggregate process and mixing process is separated.

The aggregate material is firstly heated and dried, and then mixed with liquid asphalt. The mixing cycle is 45 to 60 seconds per time. And the production capacity varies from different unit models. What kinds of asphalt mixer machine do you want?

Aimix Group can customize the best appropriate one for you. Our goal is to do asphalt plant design for every customer and achieve full compliance with your demands.

Asphalt mixer plant for sale
ALQ200 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Model: ALQ200
Capacity: 200t/h
Vibrating screen: 5
Rated mixing capacity: 2800kg
Fuel Type: oil,coal, gas

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Asphalt batching plant
ALQ240 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Model: ALQ240
Capacity: 240t/h
Vibrating screen: 5
Rated mixing capacity: 3300kg
Fuel Type: oil,coal, gas

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Why Choose to Buy a Aimix Asphalt Mixing Plant in Thailand?

When you want to buy a set of asphalt mixing unit in Thailand, what characters do you want for asphalt mixing plant manufacturers? An indepth presentation of our product characteristics, product positioning and manufacturing standards is needful for the sake of letting you know about Aimix.

1.Rich Experience in Product Design

Aimix Group has operated for many years as asphalt mixing plant manufacturer and supplier in Thailand. Aimix not only pays attention to quality-assured automatic production line but also to the research and development. Aimix has set up a team to research more advanced design and continually upgrade our machines.

2.Competitive advantages in Thailand Market Share

With the help of our research team, our high-level asphalt plants have achieved sufficient patents and gained the popularity among the customers from the whole world, especially for Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh and other Asian markets. Aimix gets 30% market shares for selling asphalt plants thailand in the end of 2018.

3.Excellent After-sales Service in Thailand

What is more, we have got a full set of after-sales service to install and test machines for every dear client. If you need any problems during using the batching plant, just tell us and we will send our engineer to your site to serve you and help you solve the problems and free you from worries. That is why Aimix has got high public praise in Thailand these years.

ALQ100 Asphalt Mixing Plant Exported to Russia in 2017

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