Hollow Block Machine for Sale in Thailand

Hollow block machine refers to a industrial equipment that can produce hollow concrete blocks. Hollow blocks are made of cement or shale, widely used for main wall material in building construction.

Due to its light weight and less material consuming, hollow blocks have been recommended as the preferred construction supplies from the local government in Thailand.

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ABM-4SE Hollow Block Machine for Sale in Thailand

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Therefore, as the equipment that can produce plenty of hollow blocks, the hollow block machines are in great demand in Thailand. Except for hollow block making machines, Aimix also possesses solid concrete block machine for sale at the same time.

What Are Main Components of A Fully Automatic Hollow Block Machine?

Aimix fully automatic hollow block machine is a new type full-auto hollow blocks production line with advanced baking-free production system. The whole system includes aggregates batching machine, mixer machine, block forming machine, lifting system, stacking machine and PLC controller.

Cheap Concrete Hollow Block Machine Price for Thailand

Aimix has devoting to producing concrete hollow block machines or cement hollow block machines with high performance and low price for over 28 years. We have over 25 sets of block machines working well in Thailand right now.

Tell us your site situation or give us your site pictures, and Aimix will design a 3D layout drawing for you in the light of your special requirement. Contact us if you are interested in any models or sizes of our block making machines. And we can give you a hollow block making machine price list and delivery fee according to your demands after you send us your quotation.

Production Process of Aimix Hollow Blocks Machine for Thailand

The whole production process of Aimix hollow blocks machine is similar with the production process of a concrete batching plant. First of all, the aggregates batching machine automatically weigh the aggregate materials, such as cement, fly ash or shale, and then convey them to the mixer machine.

Secondly, the mixer stirs those materials and deliver the mixed concrete mixture to the forming machine. Under control by the PLC controller, the forming machine applies the hydraulic transmission and vibration pressurization technologies to shape the concrete mixture into wall blocks, porous blocks, parking planting blocks, pavement blocks and other kinds of hollow blocks according to different production demands.

Few Characteristics of Aimix Hollow Blocks Making Machine

As one of the top concrete hollow block machine manufacturers in Thailand, Aimix Group has designed and produced many kinds of hollow block manufacturing machines with excellent characteristics.

  1. Advanced hydraulic system. Aimix applies double proportional control system to regulate the oil pressure and amount of any branched oil lines. Therefore, the whole machine can produce high-quality products all the time no matter the raw materials are different or not.
  2. Excellent electronic control system. This intelligent PLC controller has helpful data input and output apparatus, safety logic control system and fault diagnosis system.
  3. Superior vibration system. Aimix adopts special technologies to optimize vibration axis to make sure the vibration is even to the whole range of the plate. This way improves the consistency and stability of all the blocks products and effectively reduces noise at the same time.

Specifications of Aimix Hollow Block Equipment for Sale in Thailand:

Model Product Specification(mm) Block Number/Pallet Forming Period(s) Block Output/8hours
ABM-3S 390×190×190 3 15 5600
ABM-4SE 390×190×190 4 24-26 5800
ABM-6S 390×190×190 6 15-20 11520-14400
ABM-8S 390×190×190 8 15-20 15360
ABM-10S 390×190×190 10 15-20 19200
ABM-12S 390×190×190 12 15-20 23040
Main Operation Numbers of people needed
Wheel loader operator 1
Mixer operator 1
Plate feed operator 1
Host operate&Inspect operator 1
Forklift operator 1
On-site coordination&delivery 1-2
All operators Normally at least 6-7 people, customized

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